For this Unit Three Discussion Board Research Topic you will be finding two examples of art from the periods and art movements covered this unit (1520-1699) and comparing and contrasting them. As discussed in this unit, the many developments in art over this time-frame led to both consistencies and stark contrasts among all the work, often related to historical or religious contexts. You will be presenting a critical analysis comparing and contrasting two works by artists from different regions or stylistic interests.
To complete this Research Topics assignment, do the following:
1. Choose ONE (and only one) of the following pairs of periods / styles/ stylistic affiliations to research and write about:
• Mannerism / Caravaggistes
• Baroque (Counter-Reformation) Italy and Spain / Academic style
• Rubénistes / Poussinistes
• Baroque (Counter-Reformation) Italy and Spain / Netherlandish (Dutch Republic)

2. After choosing your pair, conduct research online to find one example of art by and artist that correlates with each of your selected pair. NOTE: You may NOT use any works of art found in the textbook or lesson file for this unit! Also, you may NOT use any works of art used by another student for this assignment (as posted to the discussion board), so choose carefully. Your choices should be appropriate to the time period and styles/regions you are discussing (so, in other words, a Caravaggiste would be inappropriate for your discussion of Mannerism).

3. Once you have found your choices, write a two-to-four (2-4) page analysis of how the works are alike or differ. Your analysis should draw from what you learned in the unit regarding the conditions and reasons certain styles, subjects, and approaches developed and proliferated in specific geographic regions and not others. You should consider the following questions in your analysis:
• What stylistic conventions or approaches are exhibited in each work of art? Are they similar or different in any way?
• Is the predominant style displayed related to a specific artist’s career or dominant in a specific region?
• What subjects are presented in each work and are they different or similar in any way? Are these subjects common to this artist’s work and/or the region she/he worked in? If not, what reasons might explain might explain the use of this subject, based on your knowledge from the unit and research?
• Based on the context (historical, religious, art market) in which each work was created and how it was meant to be displayed, which work do you think was most successful? Explain with supporting information.
Once you have completed your written analysis, upload it to the discussion board created for this unit by copying-and-pasting your text directly into a post. Remember to either link directly to your images, or upload and attach image files for your two works of art.
This Discussion Board Research Topic is worth up to 100 points and will be graded based on the following criteria:
• following all the instructions carefully and completing the assignment correctly
• the appropriateness of your work of art in regards to the unit material and your chosen periods/styles
• the depth of your analysis and research in regards to your chosen works of art
• how critically and correctly you apply concepts, information, and terminology learned in this unit
• the clarity of thought in your writing and organization of your submission
• using proper spelling and grammar