Unit 1 Project: Planning

For Part 1 of your project, assess the hardware compatibility status of the Windows 8 client and Windows 7 client operations system and then provide recommendations for changes. Follow the requirements below for completing this section of the project. If you need additional assistance to complete the tasks, review the additional resources for this unit.


Assessment (50 points)
Assess the hardware compatibility status of the Windows 8 and Windows 7 client operating systems. Save this Excel worksheet with the name CIS245L_U1_Assessment.xlsx.

Recommendations (50 points)

Based on the results of your hardware compatibility assessments, determine whether the hardware compatibility results from your Windows 7 and 8 clients are sufficient to complete migrations to Windows 10.
Using Word, provide any recommendations/changes you believe are needed for the client migrations to be successful. In your write-up, be sure to include the elements critical to a successful migration (available disk space, memory, processor, etc.), the minimal requirements for each element and the actual findings of your assessment report. Save this document as docx.P(5.u)

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