Underground Metro Project


•Cover Contents
1- Name of the University , College, Program (Summer Internship Program)
2- Student Name , ID
3- Internship Title (Underground Metro Project)
4- Company Name (Bechtel), Facility Location (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), Year in which the internship was made (2017)

•Report Contents
1- Preamble, including table of contents
2- Introduction to the company
a. Size of the company.
b. Number of employees.
c. Main projects, products or services the company offers.
d. Countries of operation.
3- Scope of work
a. Description of project in which the student was involved in.
[On site location: 2B4 Station, Type of station: Deep underground station (consists of platform, under platform, and concourse), Stage: MEP works.]

[Describe in detail what MEP works is] [Will provide more information about 2B4 later]
b. Description of tasks completed by the student.
[Supervised Lock and tag systems: 1.define what a lock & tag system is 2. See how to create a lock and tag system] [Will add more tasks later on]
4- Schedule log
a. Summary of overall timeline during the internship
[Will provide with more information later]
5- Summary of learning experiences*
[See Below]
6- Appendices**

*Summary of learning experiences should relate the work performed to each of the learning outcomes listed below. For each learning outcome, provide at

least one section with related information as experienced during the internship.

•Knowledge of contemporary engineering practice.
[Site Electrical Circuits: 1.Show the basic features of a site electrical system 2. Look at how a generator is connected 3. Show how an electrical

distribution system should be installed, Electrical Grounding on site: 1. Explain why we have grounded systems 2. look at different options for a site

ground system 3. Show some poor quality ground systems, Residual Current Devices: 1. Introduce Residual Current Devices 2. Show how RCD’s operate 3. Show

where RCD’s should be located in the electrical system, Electrical Faults: 1. show what an electrical fault is 2. Look at the different types of faults 3.

Show the hazards of electricity, Electrical Cabling on site: 1. show how to install cables safely on site 2. show how to size a power cable based on the

current and required volt drop 3. show how to connect cables together safely, Underground Electrical Duct banks]
•Use of acquired techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
[Learned to use Autodesk Revit]
•Apply effective communication skills in a work environment.
[Never personalize criticism, Learn from mistakes]
•Practice and defend professional, ethical, and social responsibilities in a work environment.
[Will provide later]
•Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environment, and societal context.
[Will provide later]
•Ability to work on multi-disciplinry teams.
[Will provide later]

**Appendices should include any relevant material that supports the information in the report.