Turning the Tide


For “Turning the Tide” assignment, you have been assigned a specific country, and all your report will focus on this country. Each report should be 2-3

pages long and will be related to the topic being covered that week. The Turning the Tide assignment will be on:
You will use the GBD data visualization tools(https://vizhub.healthdata.org/gbd-compare/) to identify temporal trend in DALY (1990 vs 2015) associated with

the aforementioned topics. You will look at the historical trend and explore what might have contributed to the observed trend in DALY associated with the

specific risk factor or disease outlined above. You will compare your country’s DALYs to that of China and discuss the similarity/differences. China is

chosen as a reference country because China has managed to make significant stride over the past few decades in addressing these issues. Finally, you will

come up with set of policy recommendations or changes that you think will contribute to additional improvements and lead to reduction in DALYs related to

these risk factors/diseases in the country you are assigned. Your report (2-3 page) should include:
• Abstract/Summaray – Clearly summarizes the intro, results, and discussion/conclusion in short (≤100 words)
• Introduction- what does your topic mean/ how it is impacting health/ what it means to you? What are the underlying causes?
• Results- Use the data visualization tools outlined in the syllabus (GBD compare, gapminderetc) to describe how the identified risk factor is

impacting the population, how are DALYs affected by the specific risk factor, and how they compare with the neighboring countries/ Distinct trends

• Discussion/Conclusion-Interpreting the results/ potential reasons behind the distinct trends or how the results compares to China/ neighboring

countries? Is the country doing better or worse? Policy recommendations so your country does better in the future.
• Brief background (what is the main problem under consideration? Why should we care?)
• Results/Discussion (What did you observed? What is your main finding? What does it mean in the larger context?).
• How does your country compare to China or any neighbouring country of your choice?
• What do you think should be done to further reduce the DALY associated with the specific risk factor or the disease?
• Conclusion (What is the punchline?)
• References (5-10)
• Appendix