Tracking in our Schools


Tracking in our Schools
A curriculum of control, low expectations, and lack of access to high quality teachers and learning experiences is having a deleterious impact on innumerate PreK-12 students. Is the tracking of our students the cause? In this assignment, you will explore the concept of tracking in today’s schools. To complete this assignment, you will draw on the following resources.
• Chapter 3 and 4. (Please see the upload file)
• Tracking in the Public Schools: Meet Jenny and Sally (approx. 3 minutes):
• Ability Grouping, tracking, & grouping alternatives (approx. 5 minutes):
• Read the brief article related to screening of students in the Milwaukee Public Schools.
• Read the brief article related to tracking students by ability to produce academic results.
After completing the aforementioned, respond to the following prompts in a maximum of two type-written pages.
What is tracking? Provide a definition in your own words.
Where have you observed and/or experienced tracking?
As a future teacher, are you in favor of tracking or do you believe this is an antiquated practice in our schools? Justify your thinking grounded in the professional literature.


You recently explored the education to prison pipeline. What role might tracking play in this pipeline?