Thesis Proposal Revision

The paper was uploaded to the server….Below are feedback for Chapter 3:…… When citing Lin, for example, the citation should have past tense language Ie.: Lin (2013) noted, not notes. The authors aren’t suggesting, but have already suggested……
P. 86: Needs to expand on the eidetic reduction, How? Why? Purpose? Significance to the analysis?…..
P. 86: Needs to add that the findings will be ranked or sorted and that there will be primary and secondary findings. Discuss how he will do that. Should not be based on quantity, but rather function and purpose to the study.

I have read through Chapter 3 and highlighted in yellow all of the cases I saw where you did not use past case language in citing your authors. You tend to cite them in the present tense but since the work has already been completed, you need to use past tense. In fact, this really should be done throughout the proposal because you do have a tendency in a lot of cases to cite the author’s in present rather than past tense. For example, rather than saying something like Jones asserts, it should be Jones asserted…….

You do talk about the eidetic reduction but not to a great extent. Another paragraph or two on this should be sufficient providing that you respond regarding the how, why, purpose, and significance to the analysis………

The comment on P. 86 that you need to add that your findings will be ranked or sorted and that there will be primary and secondary findings will be easy for you to insert into chapter 3. In discussing this, keep the comment in mind that this should not be based on quantity, but rather, on function and purpose to your study.(this portion should be one page and a quarter)….Please highlight all changes. add two references for this portion

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