Theories of Human Learning and Cognition

  1. Find three scholarly sources, such as peer-reviewed research articles, that are related to the following research question: Why are some advertisements more memorable and/or persuasive than others? At least one article must describe empirical data collection. (Typically these articles contain headings such as participants, measures, instruments, and results.)
    – For all articles, summarize what you learned from each source regarding your research question, and how this knowledge contributes to or changes your understanding of learning and memory.
    – For the empirical article, summarize the methods and measures used in each of the articles you read. Different approaches will measure memory or learning in different ways based on the conceptual approach.
    -Describe the practical impact of the research question or information from the articles you read might have on your personal and professional life (as a psychologist, for instance).
    – Discuss three conceptual approaches to memory and learning:neurological, behavioral, and cognitive (and apply them to the research question selected

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