the system1/ system 2 nudge moments and blink moments

Kahneman and Tversky develop a 2-brain framework which they call system1/system 2. Thaler develops a framework surrounding nudge moements.

please explain and define system 1/system 2 and nudge moemnts. In your definitions please give examples. How are they similar and how are they

different (if they are)? Finally, define malcolm gladwell’s blink moments as discussed in lecture. Are there any dangers of blink moments?

the system1/ system 2 nudge moments and blink moments.
Additionally add to instructions:
1. Introduce your argument
2. Answer all questions
3. Transition between sections- hint: this means that you will likely have to connect your discussion of system 1/ system 2 and nudge moments to

gladwell’s Blink moments
4. include the information gathered from readings and powerpoints