The Patriot (the movie)

The Patriot (the movie)
write a typed, two to three page paper, worth twenty percent of your grade on one of the movies listed below. For extra credit you can write a

second typed, two to three page paper, worth an additional twenty percent of your grade on a second movie from a the movie group listed below. Once

again, each paper is worth twenty percent of your grade. The due dates for these assignments are clearly marked in the Course Calendar link in the

Content section of the course. In order to be eligible for the Extra Credit Review a student MUST do the Book Review assignment.

Your papers are to be submitted to the Book Review Safe Assign link that is in the Content section of the course. A week before the assignment is

due the Safe Assign link will appear in the Content section of the course. It will be labeled: Movie Review. After the due date expires the link

will be automatically removed. You can submit your review as an attachment or please cut and paste your paper into the appropriate section of Safe

Assign. Please be advised that late papers are not an option, and plagiarism will result in a failing grade for this course. All papers will be sent

to a plagiarism website that before they are read by me. Your paper must be college level work! For example, it should be organized, cogent, written

in third person, and contain no contractions or typing errors. The dates for these reviews are clearly marked in the Calendar section of the course.

I strongly suggest that you submit rough drafts of your work to the Jenkins Center or me before sending in the final copy. If my schedule permits, I

usually will return rough drafts within seventy-two hours; however, I do not accept rough drafts within three days of the due date! You should

submit your rough draft to me at least a week before the due date.

Your focus in these papers will be to discuss how these movies relate to the topic you have read in your textbook. For example, students in another

course chose to discuss how The Graduate reinforces the lessons they learned from their readings on the United States in the 1960s. In this course

you could review The Crossing and compare how it reinforces what you learned from your reading of the text, and A Narrative of a Revolutionary

Soldier to achieve a genuine understanding of the effects of the American Revolution on the American people. If you need help with this assignment

please visit me during my e-office hours. The due dates of these papers are marked Calendar section. Please be advised that if you are enrolled in

HIS 13203 World Civilization II or any other of my online classes on the Internet, that you will NOT be allowed to submit the same movie review for

credit in both courses. You must submit different reviews for each course. I DONT NEED SOURCES