The Internet and online examinations.

respond substantively to both of the discussion prompts listed. Submit your responses to the appropriate topic in this Discussion Area. Start reviewing and responding to your classmates as early in the week as possible.

Part 1:

Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate with others. However, the new methods of communications have given rise to numerous ethical issues.

Search your local newspaper articles, an online magazine, or online news source for a recent event where electronic communication was used unethically. Summarize the article and your perception of the unethical event. Be sure to add a reference to the article in APA format. Identify the contributions of the article and whether you agree with what was stated about the ethics of the case.

What technology was used in this case? What benefits does this technology provide and how is it typically used? What ethical guidelines can be put in place to deter similar misuse?

Part 2:

Distance education over the Internet and online examinations are a great way to impart and assess education across the globe to those who need it and cannot make it to full-time campus courses.

What potential ethical issues arise due to the way technology has transformed the field of education? What ethical guidelines should be put in place to help deter the misuse of this technology? Is there any way to stop this type of misuse? Why or why not?