The importance quotations.

) Three significant quotations selected from any of the readings. The quotes should exemplify some argument or position that each author is taking in their essay. The quotes should be set up such that you can imagine a conversation or debate taking place between the three authors.

2) A summary statement explaining the relationship between the three quotations. For example, is there a concept or issue that all three have in common, and are they on the same side or opposing sides of that issue?

3) Three terms selected from any of the 4-6 readings assigned for that week that you must define in your own words (no quotes). These terms may or may not be related to your quotations from part 1.


I have uploaded a sample of the assignment you MUST check it read it and make me one of the SAME QUALITY, im telling you right now, you make lower quality than the sample I have uploaded I will dispute. all readings are uploaded too. Quality means that the quotations are CAREFULLY chosen and there is an arguement between them you should explain in the summary, the terms should also be WELL-CHOSEN and shows that you understands the readings, you dont just pick the first term your eyes saw.