The Importance of Home Language Use

Encouraging home language use is an effective way to increase ELL ‘s language and literacy skills.
Knowing how influential L1 language use is, develop an activity that ELL professionals might use to
encourage home language use in the classroom or caregiver setting. Be creative! How might your
activity involve parents? Would you want to plan a fieldtrip? Outdoor activity? Special event? In a
minimum of 2 pages (not counting the references page), include the following: A summary of the
influences of home language use on the development of language and literacy skills in the target
language. Use research to support your ideas and cite sources in APA format. A detailed activity
that provides ample opportunities for home language use. Include the steps and the materials and
time frame required to complete this activity. A references page formatted to APA standards. For
help with following APA guidelines, visit the APA Guide.