the final report

the report should be about the internship I have a three reports before I will attach them it should be what I have been trained and also he should answer this questions:
Some suggested questions that may assist in the writing of your final report:

 Which organization did you work for (provide some information about the company you are currently training with)? In addition, what are its objectives?

 What is your job title and what did you do during the internship?

 What did you learn from this internship? Did the training meet your expectations?

 Did you assist with the organization’s performance? How?
 How would you evaluate your performance and your internship experience?

 What do you wish you had done but did not?
 How will this internship experience help you in the future?

 Do you feel that your college and the courses prepared you for this internship? Do you wish that you had taken a course before taking the internship?
 What are some additional things you learned during the internship experience beyond your college courses?

 Do you feel your internship was useful? Explain.

 What conclusions have you reached about your workplace?

 What would you advise other students to do before applying for an internship?

 How satisfied are you feel with the internship office in the College of Business and Economics regarding Internship Process (completing the paperwork, selection of a company of internship, coordinating and contacting companies, and providing useful information about the course)?
 Is there anything that we can do to improve the efficiency of this process?

use the attachment to writ the reportP(5.u)

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