the effects of the Affordable Care Act policies in relation to access to preventive services

Question description

ACA Policies for Preventive Services

Alternate Assignment 1: Students are required to write a two-page summary paper on the effects of the Affordable Care Act policies in relation to access to preventive services. The paper should be in APA format. Keep in mind that the information gathered in this assignment will be used in the alternate assignment.

Alternate Assignment 2: Building on the assignment, students are required to choose two or three ACA policies for which they previously provided summaries and write a five-page research paper, including cover and reference pages. The paper should be written in APA style using the most current edition. Students are required to use no less than five sources with at least three being articles from peer-reviewed journals.

Grading Rubric

States and identifies all required general information about the ACA policies

Student accurately states and identifies the majority of the required general information.

Analyze key concepts of the ACA law

Evaluate and discuss key ACA policies

Discusses the impact of the ACA policies in the community

Discusses the impact of the ACA law in the Health Care system

Identifies and discuss gaps in services and how the ACA respond to them

Discuss and explain the relevance of Excellence and Integrity in the context of the ACA health care policy analysis

Use correct grammar

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