The Doctoral Prospectus/Chair Request Form

The beginning of any large project can seem daunting; after all, every project needs a starting point, but many different styles exist for

approaching such a task. Some people like to spend a great deal of time planning their path; others jump right in. In this course—and this

week in particular—you will be encouraged to approach your doctoral study from a broad, high-level perspective, first considering the

desired end result or goal and then planning how to get there. The reason for this approach is that a doctoral study presents unique

challenges and requirements. The more you know, the better you can visualize your success.

In this Discussion, you will begin your high-level approach to completing the doctoral study by examining and understanding the

Prospectus/Chair Request form and its function in the DBA doctoral study chair selection process. You will review the process by which you

will complete the form during this course and submit it in Week 3 in order to find an appropriate doctoral study chair for your study.

After reviewing the DBA program FAQ sheet, and the DBA Prospectus/Chair Request form:

List the questions that you have about completing the Prospectus/Chair Request form.

What challenges do you anticipate in completing the prospectus and how will you overcome them?