Testing people(elderly) to see if their driver’s license should be revoked

Topic: Testing people(elderly) to see if their driver’s license should be revoked
Paper instructions:

Documented Argumentative Essay

Assignment: Write a 500 word (five paragraphs) essay stating and defending a position on an arguable issue. In the introduction, define the issue and state your position-your thesis or claim. In the body of the paper, develop at least two arguments(separate paragraph) to support your view, and state and reply to one objection or counterargument(the third body paragraph). Develop each argument with solid evidence (examples, statistics, expert testimony, or reasonable inferences). In the conclusion( the final paragraph), reaffirm your main idea.
Use material from three research sources in the paper, not counting reference books or textbooks. Cite each source (parenthetical documentation) properly (in parentheses) in the text of the paper, and list all sources on a Works Cited page at the end of the paper. Follow MLA guidelines in your Writer’s Reference handbook. Acceptable sources include books, essays in anthologies, articles in magazines or journals, newspaper articles, and articles from creditable online databases. Do not use Wikipedia, youdebateit.com, and other personal web sites.
Proofread the paper carefully for grammar and mechanics.
Do not write on any one of the following topics: Euthanasia, capital punishment, gun control, abortion, school uniforms, or legalizing marijuana.
Either choose one of the topics below or have your topic approved by the instructor.
1. Don’t ask Don’t tell policy in the military
2. Prayer in schools
3. Block scheduling
4. Changing the age requirement for dropping out of high school
5. Changing the age for getting a driver’s license
6. Driver license restrictions
7. Testing people(elderly) to see if their driver’s license should be revoked
8. Cell phone use while driving
9. Paddling (corporal punishment) in schools
10. Interracial marriages
11. Defend or attack the hunting of a particular animal (deer, quail, etc.)
12. Should the NCAA allow colleges and universities to pay their athletes?
13. Banning a particular sport (boxing, hockey, etc.)
14. Tax exempt status for churches
15. Defend or attack the use of animals for medical research
16. Change, ban, or keep the electoral college
17. Should Gay marriages be legalized
18. Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children
19. What should be done to save social security
20. The bailout
21. Closing Guantanamo Bay
22. Raising the property tax in Alabama
23. Controlling illegal immigration
24. Is Affirmative Action obsolete?
25. Are pitbulls safe pets around children?
26. Random drug testing of high school students
27. Inclusion
28. Flat tax
29. Raising the minimum wage
30. Welfare reform
31. Global Warming
32. Drug resistant bacteria/over prescribing medicine
33. Buying prescription drugs from other countries
34. Making life insurance mandatory
35. Attack or defend an establishments smoking policy


Documented Essay

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 Heading- /10
 Page #’s- /10
 Title- /10
 Grammar, Mechanics & Usage /50
 Works Cited Page /20


 Introduction /10
 Thesis /10
 Topic Sentences /10
 Arguments /30
 Counterargument/Rebuttal /15
 Documentation /15
 Conclusion /10

Additional materials: not defined