Terror in the Heart of Freedom

This essay is based only on Rosen, Terror in the Heart of Freedom. Your essay should be no less than 5 and no more than 7 typed pages, double spaced, proper margins, stapled. Do not copy on both sides of the paper. Do not included quotes that are more than two sentences long.

The use of any sources outside of the assigned readings will for the purposes of this course constitute plagiarism.

Essay Question: Below are a series of questions for you to build your essay around. You need to develop your own thesis built around an answer to these questions.

Why is this book entitled “Terror in the Heart of Freedom?” What is the relationship between sexual violence, citizenship, and freedom in the post-Civil War South? How did this book illustrate the different visions of freedom held by southern white people and African Americans? How did southern white men justify rape of black women and the denial of citizenship to black men? How did black women respond to the Memphis ‘riot’ and how did it illustrate their visions of freedom?