Term Project Assignment

The term project will consist of a business plan for a retail establishment. Report 1 will include a description of the type of establishment

you have chosen, including your products offered, the firm’s ownership structure, and a description of your target customer base. Your report

should address all of the issues discussed in the lectures and in the textbook. This section of the report should be at least three pages of

text and include supporting data for the major decisions (products, structure, customer base).

Project report 2 will focus on how you identify your customers; how will you get the information needed to identify your customers, what is the

unique value you provide (your store’s positioning), and how you will communicate your value to customers. At least three pages, include

supporting data sources.

Report 3 will include a description of site selection process and justification for the selection, including a description of your trading area.

It will also include a description of the establishment’s organizational structure, and a description of the financial and operations

management plan.

Report 4 will include all previous sections and will also add your descriptions of merchandising plans, image development and management and

promotional strategy. You will be graded on the entire report (not just the new sections), so I expect you to fix any problems/deficiencies

associated with your earlier reports…. you have a second chance to fix the content of your earlier reports. The entire report (not including

title pages or references) should be at least 11 pages.