Team Development and Leadership

All teams experience the stages of development, and some advance quicker than others; it depends on the members of the team as to how they

progress. Leadership is also a defining factor for the success of the stages of development. Being able to recognize the behaviors and feelings

of the individual members of the team helps provide the leader with the knowledge of how to handle the various types of situations that arise

in the different stages of team development. Helping all members to reach the next stage is also a sign of an effective leader.

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Dear writer, in this paper please, examine the stages of team development in an existing team of which you are a member and which has not

reached the performing stage. If you are currently not a member of team, reflect on a past team in which you were a member. For this paper,

place yourself in the role of leader.
1. Identify the type of team you are examining.
2. Examine the behaviors and feelings of the team to determine the stage of team development your team is in currently.
3. As a leader, assess what you would need to do to develop the team to reach the next stage of development.
4. Consider what you, as a leader, would need to plan for to ensure your team reaches the final stage of development, performing.

Please write the paper between 450-600 words in length.