Sustainability Science


Sustainability Science
Students will be analyzing, evaluating, and considering sustainability science using current news stories for their final project this semester.

Students will identify one news story (article) and write a 2-3 page analysis.
Briefly describe the article in the first paragraph. In the next two paragraphs, identify the sustainability theme that is noted in the article.

Justify how you know this is indeed the sustainability theme of the article. In the following paragraphs, analyze the news story using the following



Why do you believe this article related to the topic of sustainability?
Why is this topic of interest to those that are concerned with sustainability and related topics?
Who is the article aiming to convince and/or share this information with (policy makers, certain community members, non-profit organizations, the

public, etc.)?
What larger/meta sustainability topic explored in our course this semester does this article connect with (population, poverty, food, water, energy,

new energy, etc.)? Demonstrate/highlight that you indeed see a clear connection.
How does the article connect to the Four Ways of Thinking used in our course (Futures, Values, Systems, Strategic)? Does it directly connect to all

four or just a few of them? Be specific.
How did the information in this article reinforce or contradict the data, logic, and ideas in this course? Please use at least one specific example

from the article and one specific example from the courses online content to support your answer. Be specific and use details, facts, logic, and ideas

from the course. Make sure to point to them and let me know where you found the information (for example, reference a specific section/segment in one

of our videos).
Work Cited: Outline all of the resources/references used to prepare your project. (Use APA format)