strategic plannings


strategic plannings
review the attached Sample Strategic Plan. How do the worksheets (attached) help you to conceptualize the strategic planning process?

Worksheet 3
Analyzing the Environment – Internal Environment
Complete this matrix using the readings from the Chapter 3 of the textbook, additional readings and video materials, as well as the case study for this

course. Use the information you collect here to complete an initial plan for the development and dissemination of the strategic planning documents you

will develop as the course long project. Be specific.
Competitive Advantages Competitive Disadvantages



Complete this matrix using the exhibits in Chapter 3 of the textbook and the data collected above. Add this information to the matrix you developed in

Worksheet 2.

Task Outcome
Define scope, both the time frame and scope of analysis.
Identify major internal stakeholders and their role.
Identify basic internal trends.
Identify key internal uncertainties and barriers.
Identify additional research needs.
Develop quantitative decision-making methods, as necessary.
Develop qualitative decision-making methods, as necessary.
Role statements and organizational framework.
Analyze characteristics and utilization trends.
Market research.
Analysis of financial performance and position. Attach financial statement.