Strategic Planning


first complete Worksheet 1.

Zuckerman (2012) states, “Strategic planning refers to a process for defining organizational objectives, implementing strategies to achieve those objectives, and measuring the effectiveness of those strategies” (p. 3).

Explain how the data in Worksheet 1 initiates this process described by Zuckerman.

Your post should contain 250–350 words. Be sure you follow APA guidelines for citations and references


Worksheet 1
Strategic Planning Process Overview

Complete this matrix using the readings from the textbook, additional reading and video materials, as well as the case study for this course. Use the information you collect here to complete an initial plan for the development and dissemination of the strategic planning documents you will develop as the course long project.

Element Identify the Activity Responsible Person or Persons Key Points, if Appropriate
Identify the strategic vision.
Identify strategic planning outcomes needed (goals).
Describe the planning steps to achieve outcomes (objectives and initiatives).
Define leadership decision making process.
Define the roles and responsibilities of key organizational leaders.
Identify the strategic planning facilitator (project manager).
Establish and communicate the strategic planning schedule.
Collect and assemble relevant historical data.
Analyze historical data.
Review past strategies and identify successes and failures.
Conduct strategic planning orientation meetings.
Prepare to stimulate new thinking.
Reinforce future orientation.