strategic planning


You work in the strategic planning division of Mega-Vid, a giant multinational video game production company. Like other video game companies, Mega-Vid is facing increasing criticism from people who are concerned that video games encourage violent behavior. Your job is to write a strategic plan that helps Mega-Vid address this issue.


To prepare for writing your strategic plan, you will first need to understand why Mega-Vid is facing criticism. Then, use the Project resources to explore how companies in other industries have coped with negative public opinion. Think about whether any of their strategies and tactics can be adapted to address Mega-Vid’s problem.

To create your strategic plan:

  1. Define the problem, or set of problems, you are trying to solve.
  2. Do some brainstorming about potential solutions. Look at the Project resources about how other companies have approached criticism. You may be able to adapt some of their approaches to solve Mega-Vid’s problem. Would any of those approaches work here? Why or why not?
  3. Decide which solution you will recommend to address Mega-Vid’s problem. How will it solve the problem you identified in step one?
  4. Consider your strategy. What is your overall goal?
  5. Consider what tactics will be necessary to carry out your plan. In other words, how will you achieve the strategic goal you identified in step four? What changes might you make to the product or the way it is marketed?
  6. Write up a plan based on everything you worked out in steps one through five. Label each section of your plan. Your plan should clearly:
    • define and describe the problem, the potential solutions you considered, and the solution you are recommending
    • explain how other companies’ approaches to similar problems would or would not work in your case
    • explain the strategic and tactical components of your solution.P(5.u)

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