Strategic Management Information Systems

Part A.
1. Read The Walmart (chapter 1 page 12-ebook2) case study introduced you to how that company used information systems to become the world’s leading retailer. Walmart has continued to innovate and is still looked to as a leader in the use of technology. Do some original research and write a two paragraph report detailing a new technology that Walmart has recently implemented or is pioneering.

Part B.
3. Use the five competitive forces model as described in this chapter to describe how information technology might be used to provide a winning position for one of these businesses: (see Zara example page 57) eBook 1 (71) just one example, not all:
a. A global airline
b. A local dry cleaner
c. An appliance service firm (provides services to fix and maintain appliances)
d. A bank
Skill 1:
Rationalize IT strategy in relation to business and organizational strategy??
Discussion triggers
What systems will deploy?
Across what boundaries?
What type of information economics?
How fast decisions have to be made