Part 1 (80%)

For the purposes of this assignment, you must select any diversified (multi-business) company listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE). The scope of the assignment covers all topics in study unit 3 of this module.

Imagine that you have successfully completed the strategic management module and you are approached by the leadership of the selected company to assist them with their corporate level strategy. You are required to undertake the following:

  1. Conduct a strategic analysis and critically evaluate the following aspects of the selected organisation:


1.1. Current corporate strategy (20 marks)

1.2. Current Global strategy (10 marks)

1.3. Corporate Parenting (20 marks)


Please note that you will need to conduct basic research and information gathering to obtain annual reports, news items and analyst’s reports on the company.

  1. What recommendations would you make to the organisation with regard to their:


2.1 Corporate strategy (10 marks)

2.2 Global strategy (10 marks)

2.3 Corporate Parenting? (10 marks)


  1. Submit a detailed formal report to the leadership of the organisation comprising the following: a suitable cover page, an executive summary, a table of contents, a brief introduction and background of the company, the approach and methods used in your analysis, the findings generated, the recommendations and conclusion, as well as a list of references.


Your assignment will be assessed on:

 the extent to which you are able to use ideas presented in the course in a practical setting

 the strength of your analysis

 your ability to think critically

 the quality of your recommendations, reflected in their practicality and the extent to which they link to your findings

 the technical quality and presentation


Part 2 (20%)

Your tutor will assess your individual participation and contributions in the schedule tutor group sessions 1, 2, and 3. You do not have to submit anything with regard to this aspect of the assessment. (20 marks)

[Total marks: 100