Strategic Information Technology Systems

Identify the value chain and competitive forces in Porter’s model. Based on “The Mini-cases: 5 companies, 5 strategies, 5 transformations”

article and cases, what effect did the value chain and competitive forces have on those organizations? What strategies did those organizations

undergo to respond to sustainability?

In this Case, you will investigate the effects of IT on competition and value chain activities. A value chain approach is an effective way for

management to search for IT opportunities. A value chain is a series of interdependent activities designed to produce services or products in an

organization. IT offers incentives to improve tasks and functions simply by altering activities, which can then provide efficiencies.

Conversely, IT mismanagement can significantly and negatively affect customers, suppliers, and the organization as a whole.

Value chains play an important role in organizations’ efforts to attain competitive advantage. There are two broad types of activities—primary

and support. IT can expedite the primary activities including procurement of materials and goods, and can influence how products and services

are delivered and marketed. Automation has simplified operations and replaced routine tasks. Marketing and sales make use of the latest

technologies and mobile devices to respond to customer demands. Similarly, the support activities in the value chain help ensure policies and

procedures that better sustain elements such as the corporate infrastructure, human resources, and IT departments. In short, support activities

buffer primary activities which are focused on to customers, suppliers, and the conversion of raw materials into finished products

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