Step 7: Literature review that shows expected changes to your results tables

§Expected Changes: Please use textbooks or a literature search to determine how much a variable should change as a result of a fitness intervention. This will give you a reference point for which to write your discussion. For example, both studies you have selected measured oxygen saturation during peak exercise. The questions you should ask are, “Does oxygen saturation usually respond to exercise training, and if yes, how much?”

Most of you have already found your systematic review. Read the systematic review to determine how your primary outcome (the health-related physical fitness outcome) should change after an exercise intervention. Highlight the expected findings in your systematic review (this may be in the introduction or discussion section). Also, review the textbook for the expected changes in your population, or if they aren’t published in the book, find another source (textbook, article, position stand) that talks about it.

Write 1-2 sentences that describe the expected changes for your outcome.

For example, if my population was HFrEF, I could refer to p.238 of the book: In patients with HFrEF, exercise training has been shown to improve aerobic capacity (10-30% as measured by VO2peak).[CITATION]

Cite the references and create a bibliography.

The first one is a systematic review and the last two are review articles. I believe it is comparing the findings of the review articles to the systemic article of why or why not exercise intervention helps with my disease group. 2 pages please

Search all 3: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Strength Training in Individuals With Multiple Sclerosis Or Parkinson Disease

Resistance training and gait function in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Randomized Clinical Trial of 3 Types of Physical Exercise for Patients With Parkinson Disease