Statement of purpose for a job

Before I get to start my bachelor degree in finance, I had many thoughts on what I wanted to do in the future. I realized that I enjoyed multiple different things and I just can’t limit myself to a specific field. I believed that I enjoyed marketing, management, and economics. Therefore, it was very easy for me to understand concepts and strategies presented within these fields. Also, I have always been researching topics related to these concentrations. Consequently, I decided that I want to face my lack of understanding of math and finance and study that to enhance my knowledge base and versatility. Seeking knowledge is what drives me to achieve more and never stop. I have always viewed myself as a person who tries to find solutions to all problems. Exploring and solving what others believe is impossible is what I thrive on the most. Correspondingly, I find it fascinating to be involved in work that requires any kind of challenge, especially intellectual one. I enjoy shifting from an idea to another and look for knowledge from other competent people without struggling. I have the ability to teach myself and help others understand most of the ideas that I fully comprehend even if they were complicated. Through a combination of knowledge and creativity helps me a lot with analyzing problems from every angle to find the best answer. Training in the banking sector gave me a clear understanding of how heavy profit seeking places work. The banking environment did not attract me at all even when offered a job opportunity with a decent salary. I found it to be very restricting mentally and physically, which did not allow me to expressneither any of my capabilities nor my skills.


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