For thiS exam, YOU W111 have 10 answer three questions. The first question in Part 1 is mandatory.
You Will then need to choose two questions out of the three in Part 2. Be sure that you answer all
parts of each question. Essay responses should be 1.5 to 2 (double-spaced) pages per question.
Part One:

I) Cant we think about globalization without neoliberalism? What is neoliberalism and what
is distinct about its relationship to globalization? To answer the question, consider not
only neoliberalism’s main tenets and how it functions but also provide a concrete
example of its impacts either from the readings or from a current news report (provide
link if using a news source).

Part Two:

1) The production and trade of commodities are an important way of revealing how
interdependent the world has become. Using one commodity as an example (clothes,
cellphones, cars, etc..), explain how it’s made, why, and who benefits. Be sure to draw
from the readings from the course to explain why it may be more profitable to produce
this commodity in this way.

2) What roles do gender and race play in globalization? In answering this question, be sure
to discuss the different historic and current roles of men and women in the global
economy, as well as how race and racialized labor functions in an increasmgly global

3) Using the readings, lecture, and discussion, define what constitutes the Developed and
Underdeveloped (or Developing) countries. How did these countries and regions of the
world come to be this way? How does globalization transform the relationship between

them? In answering this question, be sure to explain what you mean by globalization in

this context and what impacts it has had on these countries today.