Sociological Deviance

Written Assignment 2
APA Style

Answer both Part A and Part B below. Write a minimum of 550 words (between two pages). Ensure answers cover necessary information independently

for each part of this assignment.
Part A
Describe the sociological concept of deviance. Briefly explain each of the approaches to explaining deviance (functionalist perspective,

interactionist perspective, conflict perspective), telling which is most convincing to you and why. Provide examples from your own experience

as appropriate.
Part B
Analyzing a military service person discuss their life status in terms of ascribed status, achieved status, and master status. For each of

these statuses, discuss the roles that they play. Give one example of role strain and role conflict from a military person experience. Thinking

about the future, which role would probably cause a military person the most difficulty in terms of role exit? Why?
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Reference to use and cite from- Sociology: A brief Introduction by Richard T. Schaefer (11 Edition) 2015
May use an additional reference if you would like to.