social,economical and political reason while choosing a marriage partner

Using only the book "US History" (Authors: P. Scott Corbett, Volker Janssen, John M. Lund, Todd Pfannestiel, and Paul Vickery) (company: OpenStax, Corbett, and Rice University, 2017) as the sole source for the paper,

SCENARIO: You are a poor but respectable young woman from East Anglia. You are intelligent, literate and a good worker but there are no good opportunities for employment at home or even in London. You want more out of life and hope to get ahead in the world. Therefore, you have decided to take your chances as an indentured servant in the English colonies. After your period of indenture, you hope to settle down and get married. Which colony do you choose? Why? (Note: you should consider social, economic, and political reasons and mention how your colony is different/better than the others)

a.Massachusetts Bay


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