Social Media Platform (YouTube)

Social Media Platform: YouTube

YouTube is a renowned social media platform. Indeed, as Johnson states, YouTube is expressly popular because even the non-tech-savvy individuals have seen some video through it, let alone hearing about it (para 1). The main reason attributed to YouTube’s popularity is its potential; there is a wide variety of content that is shared acrossthe platform (Johnson para 3). For instance, one can listen to music and watch videos on YouTube at any time and location. All that one needs is a device like a smartphone or a laptop and a reliable internet connection.

Personally, I like YouTube due to two reasons. First, I use YouTube to stream mypersonal videos, wherei created a free account on the platform and started uploading my videos. Veritably, I have a channel that I have not only customized, but also personalized according to my needs. Through this channel, I share family videos with family members who are far away from my current location. Briefly, one of the reasons as to why I like YouTube is that it I have the freedom to do almost everything, provided I adhere to the rules of the medium.

Second, I like YouTube because I utilize it to watch videos. What is more, I usually download some YouTube videos and watch them later when I have no Wi-Fi Internet connection. Primarily, this is achievable becauseI have installed a software referred to YouTube Downloader into my personal computer. When downloading a certain video from the platform, I only  launch the YouTube Downloader application, copy and paste that particular video’s link onto  it, and then click on the download button (Heinemann et al. 207; Watkinsand Wilkins113).Following this, the video gets saved into my computer after few minutes, which is quite convenient as it is completely free.YouTube
Do you like it or not, why?
What potential does it have and why?


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