Show and Tell

Show and Tell (100 points) I
This assignment is intended for you to study your favorite pet, plant, mold, etc. in new depth.
That is, as this class ends, you should have a detailed understanding of your favorite ‘thing’ and I
be able to appreciate it from a more informed perspective. You may work individually or in i
groups of up to 2 people. It is expected, however, that if you have a partner, your presentation
will be more sophisticated.

Your assignment is to

Identify an organism that is relevant to this course (20 pts)

Present your organism to the class in a way that:

a. Uses pictures or the real thing, depending on whether you can find it (10 pts)
b. Provides a brief anecdotal background to the organism (20 pts) 7

c. Demonstrates an understanding of the taxonomy covered in the course (20 pts)
d. Covers characteristics of that organism that makes it unique but part of the taxon to which it
belongs (20 pts)

e. Is of appropriate length (not less than 8-minutes) (10 pts)