Should adults have the right to conceal/carry weapons

In this essay, you will create a research-based argument that presents and supports a clearly defined position on a topic of your choosing. (For

example, an argument that claims smoking should be banned in public places.) You will discuss and address opposing views in order to make your

position even more persuasive. This research paper should not be a mere presentation, summary, or history of what has already been written about

this topic; it must have a debatable argument. The paper should be structured according to the Toulmin Method to provide a clear organization to

your argument. (This means you must include an arguable thesis statement, claims, evidence, and conditions of rebuttal.)

Your paper must use a minimum of 3 sources from both primary and secondary sources. Evaluate sources carefully and use only the most credible and

supportive material. You must have one direct quote from a source in each body paragraph (this does not include your introduction and conclusion.)

Each quote must be cited properly with parenthetical citations according to MLA format, with a corresponding entry on a works cited page.

NOTE! Wikipedia and any form of the Dictionary do not count as reputable sources.