Shakespeare- Richard II play


Directions -mistakes

Short Essay/ Response paper

Assignment Description

Please compile, as you read the remainder of the play, a list of every mistake (political, personal, etc.) that you believe Richard II makes. Provide,

as evidence, quotations or good paraphrases from specific passages; explain why you think each incident represents an error

You may include any moment that invites us to be critical of Richard (things he says or does; things other people say). In short, offer your road map

for his downfall.

For each reference or quotation, give the act, scene, and line numbers in parentheses (like this, 3.4.56-8). Choose carefully between direct quotation

or paraphrase. Your quotations must closely match and support each observation.

For this assignment, single space your paper, Use a Times 12-point font. Lots of useful observations