Serving in the Dysfunction

In this assignment, we will discuss the realities of church life and explore how the involvement of people brings politics and conflicts and how that can be normal. We need to know how to navigate this in a healthy way.

In a minimum of 275 words, post your response to each of the following quotes:
1. “Certainly conflict and power plays go in church, but because intimacy is threatened by these realities, we cover them in hopes of maintaining a façade of peace.” -Parker Palmer

2. “The only unsafe group is a closed one, a world in which awareness of change is not present.”
-Arnold Mindell

Steinke, Peter L. Healthy Congregations a Systems Approach 1996 Paperback. Leavenworth: Alban Inst, 1995.

[1]Peter L. Steinke, Healthy Congregations a Systems Approach 1996 Paperback (Leavenworth: Alban Inst, 1995), 70