Self-Assessment – Leadership Competency

Part of leadership competency is being self-aware of your own dimensions of leadership. When you can recognize your own skills and behavior, then

you can recognize skills and behaviors in others. Further, after recognition you can apply leadership competency to appropriately and effectively

lead a team to success. Being self-aware includes determining your own competency weaknesses and developing a plan to mitigate those to become

stronger as a leader. Then, you can be the most effective leader possible.
Please complete the “Campbell Leadership Descriptor Survey” (which is attached to the files) and based on this survey write paper answering the

following questions:
1. Categorize your nine dimensions of leadership.
2. Select your strengths that will be most effective in your role as a leader.
3. Prioritize competencies that need improvement.
4. Based on your selected strengths and your prioritized competencies, develop a personal plan for leadership improvement.

Please write the paper between 800-850 words in length.