Seattle Voices and City

I have attached syllabus and Assignment instruction below. For assignment 1, My video is about "Rent control in Seattle". And I think there should be rent control in seattle. For assignment 2, my video is about Bothell City in Washington. We do some research of that. And in this assignment, I work with my partner Richard.

Critically reflect on your experience of developing your two videos (Seattle Voices and City as Character) and connections to your overall learning in the course.

Section One

In this essay you are to reflect on your experience developing your two videos Seattle Voices and City as Character. The goal of the paper is to explain how you have come to understand your topic in terms of your broader learning in the class. Your focus should be on your own words and center what you learned during the quarter. Please be specific about connections to course material, citing when necessary.

Your essay should be at least 2-3 pages (double-spaced with one-inch margins). This should be a formal essay. You don’t need to address every single question below; they are meant to help you to reflect.

Guiding questions:

Are there course concepts that you now understand more deeply through your research and production? If so, which ones and why?
How did your videos change over time? What did you learn along the way that motivated those shifts?
What did you learn about yourself and your work style in the process producing the videos and working with a partner (if you worked with someone)?
Are there particular concepts that you became drawn to and wanted to further pursue?
Looking back, is there anything you wish that you had done differently with regards to your approach to your videos? If so, what and how would you like to have changed things?
If you were to continue to work one or both of your videos, what would you do differently?
What kinds of MCS courses would you like to take in the future to deepen the interests you developed in this class?

Section Two

Part A: Self and Peer Assessment for Partner

Please grade yourself and your partner (if you had a partner) contributions according to the following score system. With each score, please include an explanation of your choice.

Self Evaluation

_____ On a scale of 1 to 5, please indicate how much effort you put into the group assignment: (1 = no effort; 2 = a little effort; 3 = some effort; 4 = a good amount of effort; 5 = my full effort)

_____ On a scale of 1 to 5, please indicate how well you communicated with and listened to your teammates (1 = I communicated/listened very poorly…3 = I communicated and listened well about half the time…5 = I communicated/listened very well throughout our preparation).

Comment on your choices:

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