Scavenger Hunt, BA 3129, Research Methods

This is to help you find, organize, and understand data and how to find and use it.
1. Go to the OECD website and then to data, find the most recent business confidence index (BCI) copy the graph and in less than 50 words tell me how business is doing … the table is very helpful to (don’t forget to title and reference properly) (5marks)

2. Dewey defeats Truman … 1948 … what happened in 100 words or less and tell me how statistics sampling may have been negatively involved. (don’t forget to reference properly) (5 marks)

3. Halifax has a population of 414,129 and you what to conduct a survey to see whether or not to retain the present number of city supported ice surfaces. What would your sample size have to be to obtain a 99% confidence level and a confidence interval of 5? (5 marks)

4. Go to the New Brunswick Archives on Douglas Ave, your mission is to look at what businesses where register in the city in 1874/75. Shipping and the port where very important and one of the major players was George Thomas, what did his company do. Look for the George Thomas ad in McAlpine’s Saint John City Directory for the above years. Careful the directory is very old … (5 marks) feel free to take a photo …