Roles Case Study


Submit your answers in an APA formatted word document.

Abby has been an RN for 8 years. Since completing her ASN she has worked on a medical unit where many of her patients were terminally ill. She has

become very interested in palliative care. Abby would like to become an APRN (Advanced Practice Nurse). Her dream job is to be a family nurse

practitioner with expertise in palliative care.

Consider these questions:

What are Abby’s challenges in achieving her goals?
What educational steps will be required for her to become an FNP in your state?
What other training is available to increase her skills in end-of-life in your state?
Think of the areas of nursing that interest you most. How do your personal and professional qualifications compare with the characteristics needed in

the roles in chapter 1?


BOOK: Black, B. (2014). Professional nursing concepts and challenges (7th ed.). St .Louis, Missouri: