Ritz Carlton Case Study

Topic: Ritz Carlton Case Study
Paper instructions:
* Question and Response Format please!

Ritz-Carlton case study (50 points): This case study will require that
students outline the processes, systems, and human resource strategies
commonly utilized within the industry to ensure that high quality
customer experiences are consistently delivered to hotel guests. (LO8)

Detailed instructions: After reading The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company case
study, by Sandra Sucher and Stacy McManus (2001 and revised in 2005),
please respond to each of the following questions or prompts:

1. “Service” can be an elusive concept. What is the essence of The
Ritz-Carlton Experience? What is Ritz-Carlton selling?

2. As a prologue to the case study, Sandra Bucher and Stacy McManus open
with a quote from the Analects of Confucius, which states: “The Master
said, Govern the people by regulations, keep order among them by
chastisements, and they will flee from you, and lose all self-respect.
Govern them by moral force, keep order among them by ritual, and they
will keep their self-respect and come to you of their own accord.” What
is the significance of this quote and how does it relate to the Ritz-
Carlton Hotel Company and the effective practice of management in
general? What strategies and processes does the Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Company employ in their effort to “govern them by moral force and keep
order among them by ritual” while ensuring that the “ladies and
gentlemen” of Ritz-Carlton keep their self-respect?

3. Creating a customer-centered organizational culture that motivates
associates to deliver exceptional, personalized service is critical to
Ritz-Carlton’s success. When opening a new hotel, what process does
Ritz-Carlton employ to quickly establish the appropriate organizational
culture within just a seven (7) day period? Explain the process step-by-
step. Please list each step and explain why each step is important.

4. Outline and explain the Ritz-Carlton service processes (e.g. Three
Steps of Service, The Motto, The Credo, etc.) that Ritz-Carlton employs
to ensure that their service consistently exceeds the expectations of
hotel guests.

5. Explain how Ritz-Carlton responds to service deficiencies (guest
problems). What steps does Ritz-Carlton take to improve the guest
experience? What are the risks, challenges, benefits, and rewards
associated with service innovation?

6. Explain the relationship between Millennium Partners and Ritz-Carlton.
Who is Brian Collins and what is his relationship with Ritz-Carlton?

7. Brian Collins has requested that James McBride, the General Manager of
the new Ritz-Carlton in suburban Washington D.C. consider changing the
seven (7) day countdown process. Why does he suggest changing the
process and, based upon your analysis of the case, do you feel that the
process should be changed? Why or why not?

Please submit a single PDF or Word document with your responses to each
of these questions or prompts through Canvas.