Review of Performance Measurements Methods to Achieve Better Time-Certainty Project Delivery.

the dissertation proposal and my draft dissertation which i have written only 3500 about it ( literature review + methodology). My dissertation is about the performance measurement in the construction companies and how the lack of such measurements is effecting the construction industry in saudi arabia and causing delays in the completion of the public projects, and most if not all the public projects is vital for the development of the country and the community this delay is causing economical and social impacts. I have made two questionnaire to send one for the project managers and the other to the clients/ consultants on order to evaluate and investigate what sort of techniques they are using and what is the most important to them out of the indicators that is provided in the questionnaire (i sent it and got no answers). the idea of the questionnaire is to see where the contractor see themselves and where the clients think they really are in terms of the three main indicators in the construction industry (time, cost and quality). unfortunately i have not got the respond rate that i hoped for so now i need a help to finish my dissertation specially that my supervisor is really expecting good piece of work from me. so you have to fake the result your self saying that only 30% of the contractor rated 1st grade are using Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and internal benchmarking as there is no benchmarking systems in saudi arabia. and grade 2 contractor is way lower than that “you have to give numbers that make sense and look realistic’’ you can have look to what i have done and ask me all the questions you need but please make sure you don’t start unless its all clear and understood and if you need my help let me know.

thank you and good luck.

structure should be:
introduction ( you have to do)
background (i did)
literature review (i did)
methodology (i did)
result ( you have to do)
discussion (you have to do)
conclusion (you have to do)