Responsibilities in managing internal auditing in response to government audits.

Competencies: Structure and Organization of the Coding Function – The graduate describes the role of the coding professional, identifies the different coding functions, and completes a job analysis of coding roles. Staff Recruitment and Retention – The graduate describes the process for recruiting, hiring, and retaining coding staff, and evaluating coding candidate qualifications. Charge Description Master – The graduate describes the concepts and process behind the Charge Description Master (CDM) translation table. Coding Performance Management and Process Improvement – The graduate describes internal coding function assessments and strategies for maximizing productivity and quality, develops and implements productivity and quality standards, and performs coding volume analyses. Reporting Issues – The graduate describes the abstracting functions for internal and external reporting of information. ________________________________________ Introduction: Today’s healthcare organizations know the importance of accurate coding and charge capture, which are essential to the process of revenue management. Health informatics professionals may have responsibilities in managing internal auditing in response to governmental audits, in coding management, and in clinical documentation improvement. Coding managers understand the essential job functions of their staff and develop productivity and quality standards to maximize efficiency within the department. They recruit and hire staff and also evaluate staff qualifications based on changing workforce needs. Accuracy in charge capture, coding, and clinical documentation are critical to the financial success of the healthcare organization. It takes a team of qualified and knowledgeable professionals to maintain a successful revenue cycle. Requirements: A. Discuss how you would carry out your various responsibilities as a coding manager by doing the following: 1. Analyze the job description for an inpatient coding position. 2. Develop goals for a clinical documentation improvement (CDI) program. 3. Explain how you would work with the human resource department to recruit and hire staff. B. Describe how the responsibilities of the Charge Description Master (CDM) committee bring coders, billing staff, and CDM staff together to ensure revenue cycle success. C. Describe strategies a coding manager would use to improve each of the following: 1. Coding accuracy 2. Coding productivity D. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.