Research report – Quantitative Report on ‘Job Satisfaction’


Research report – Quantitative Report on ‘Job Satisfaction’
Word count: 3000 words report (exclude reference)
Write a research report in which you discuss your planning, design, conduct and conclusions from the analysis of a survey specifically related to your research topic – JOB SATISFACTION.
This research report should include:
• A brief description of your research focus including your key research question and subsidiary questions;
• A detailed explanation of your analytic purpose (what do you hope to achieve through the use of the survey;
• A full explanation of how this survey was planned, how it was conducted, including a description of the participants;
• Details of your approach to coding your data including your coding sheet;
• A detailed description of the methodology (theory and method of analysis);
• A section outlining and discussing the findings from your analysis and the implications of those findings.
• The identification of any limitations you see associated with your data.
• An Appendix that evidences the methods used to analyse the data from your survey.
• APA 6th Edition Referencing style used consistently throughout.
• Font 12 Times New Roman