Requesting Information

Create a 5-page request for information (RFI) for the hospital, health care clinic, or health care facility you selected in Assessment 1
• Competency: Manage how information is utilized within a health care setting.
o Examine the compliance and privacy needs and requirements of a health care facility.
o Examine how data is stored.
o Examine the communication needs and requirements of a health care facility.
Competency: Integrate information management within the health care organization.
o Examine the billing and coding needs and requirements of a health care facility.
Competency: Analyze common technological solutions in health care information management.
o Evaluate the key components that address strategic needs.

You know about information management and how it relates to the administrative part of the health care setting. But, how is information

management utilized in the clinical environment?
One innovative solution for the clinical aspect of information management that is becoming more and more popular is telemedicine. Telemedicine

encompasses all types of communications in relation to practicing medicine. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of e-mail, two-way

video, and the telephone in the medical practice.
It is important to understand how health care information is utilized and secured. If you were to do an Internet search on health care

initiatives or public health initiatives, you would find hundreds of programs and initiatives. These programs range from reducing pollution to

improving research for eliminating cancer. The initiatives that you will find also range in scale from nationwide to community-centered.
Required Resources:
• American Telemedicine Association. (2012). What is telemedicine? Retrieved from

• (n.d.). Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services. Retrieved from
• American Health Information Management Association. (2014). Journal of AHIMA. Retrieved from
• HIMSS Media. (2014). Healthcare IT news. Retrieved from
• Getting Started with RFI. (PDF provided in separate email).
• How to Write a SAN RFI. (PDF provided in separate email).

A request for information (RFI) is a formal way of telling potential vendors what the requirements of the health care facility are. Create an

RFI forBaylor University Medical Center located in Dallas, Texas.To prepare for this assessment, research and identify the specific needs and

requirements this facility.
Complete the following:
• Examine and describe the compliance, privacy needs, and requirements of the health care facility.
• Examine and describe the information system needs and requirements of the health care facility.
o List current hardware, software, administrative applications, data storage processes, medical informatics, and so on.
Examine and describe the internal and external communication needs and requirements of the health care facility.
o This includes Internet, intranet, security, intra-departmental communication, inter-department communication, patient communication,

other telecommunications, networking, and decision support services.
Examine and describe the billing and coding needs and requirements of the health care facility.
o This includes insurance and managed care companies contracted with the hospital and patient billing, payment methodologies,

reimbursement methodologies, Medicare, Medicaid, and any other government programs.
Provide key components that address the strategic needs (such as administrative, technological, clinical, and organizational needs) of

the health care facility.
Write your commentary in the form of a request for information. This paper should be at least 5 pages in length (excluding title and references

pages), in APA format.

Additional Requirements
Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Your paper should be formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting. Include a title page and a

references page.
Length: 5 typed and double-spaced pages, excluding the title and references pages.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.
Research: Use a minimum of 7 credible sources of which 5 should come from the required resource list above.