Qualitative Interviewing-Reporting Your Results

Instructions: This assignment is designed to get you thinking about different formats for presenting the results of your
interviews to various audiences. Answer the following questions and submit them to Canvas.

Situation 1

Recent military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan have led to an increased interest in the experiences of World War II
veterans. You have interviewed several veterans from your hometown and are ready fl present your report to the town‘s
residents. What would be the best format for your presentation? What would be the most-effective venue? How might
you integrate multiple media to form a coherent presentation?

Situation 2

The number of people who participated in demonstrations calling for dramatic changes in the 0.5. immigration system
surprised even organizers. In your report for a class on the immigration and human rights. you interview several people
who took part in the Los Angeles demonstrations. as well as those who advocate stricter immigration laws. How can you
best present these differing views? What format will best help your classmates understand the complexities underlying
the conflicts associated with immigration?

Situation 3

The company for which you work is planning an intensive software upgrade in all parts of the organization. You work in
human resources and have been assigned the task of making the transition go as smoothly as possible. You have
conducted several focus group interviews as well as individual interviews with key organization members to identify
possible problem areas and suggest ways to avoid those problems. Your report will be presented to the organization‘s top
management All employees will receive an executive summary. How will you present your report? What will work for
management? For employees?