Part A
For Part A of this assignment
Apply the principles of operant conditioning to modify an existing behavior. Target a behavior to be modified, either an undesirable behavior

that you would like to eliminate or a desirable behavior that you would like to strengthen.

1. Generate a plausible explanation for why the problem exists.
2. Describe one (1) reason why you want to change the behavior and one (1) benefit the change will bring.
3. Carefully design a program for modifying the behavior, making sure to include all relevant conditioning principles incorporated within your

plan (which might include the use of positive and negative reinforcers, punishment, shaping, schedules of reinforcement, modeling, extinction,

stimulus discrimination or generalization, primary and secondary reinforcers, and so on.) Your plan should include three (3) steps.
Part B
Design a series of test items that would indicate the different intelligences according to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

Provide one (1) original example of how you would test each of the eight (8) different intelligences.