Psychological Disorder Reaction Paper


Psychological Disorder Reaction Paper Instructions
Paper Format:
Font: Times New Roman
Font Size: 12-pt. font
Double Space
1-Inch Borders
APA format (DO NOT include abstract)

You are assigned Antisocial Personality Disorder from the DSM-V.You will have to write a 4-5 page paper about this psychological disorder (Title page

andreference page does not count toward the 4-6 pages of required text). You will need to discuss thefollowing items about the disorder

1. What is the disorder?
2. Is it a depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, personality disorder, etc.? Why?
3. What is the DSM-V diagnostic criteria to be diagnosed with the disorder?
4. What is the percent of population that the disorder affects (prevalence)?
5. What is the average age of onset for the disorder?
6. What are some risk factors for the disorder?
7. Are there any differences for different gender in terms of diagnostic issues? If so, what are
some differences?
8. What are 2 research studies performed to find out more about this disorder? What were the
variables, methodology, and results? How can you apply the findings to the disorder?
9. What are the treatment options?
10. Before researching the disorder, what were your beliefs about this disorder? Did theychange.


Be sure to answer the above questions in your paper. You may address other information about thedisorder as well if you cannot fill up 4-5 pages of

text. The Reaction Paper will be turned in onblackboard under the “Reaction Paper” section by using the link at the bottom of thepage.

All papers must be submitted as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) document.
The reaction paper MUST be written in APA format including title page and references. All referencescited in the paper must be included in the

reference section and any reference not cited in the papermust not be included in the reference section. I have posted my APA Style quick guide on

blackboard,please refer to it if you need quick pointers on how to write in APA. You may also use Purdue’s OnlineWriting Lab

( They have an extensive guide on how to write inAPA format. However, the best source is the APA Publication

Manual. You can find copies in the libraryas well as the bookstore or Amazon. No abstract is needed for this assignment. If you write one, it willnot

count towards your 4-5 pages of text nor will it be graded.

The DSM-V is required tobe cited, and other sources must come from the peer-reviewed journal articles.Instructions on how to access such materials are

also attached.