Psychological Constraints

Define the term “mindset” and distinguish between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset Which
would you prefer to have and why? Answer: The term mindset refers to our beliefs about our ability
to dictate what goals we set for ourselves, what we think we can learn, and ultimately what we do
learn. Individuals have one of two mindsets: a fixed mindset in which they believe that their
qualities are carved in stone and cannot change: or a growth mindset, in which they believe their
qualities can change and improve through their effort These two mindses have implications for
the meaning of failure. From a fixed mindset, failure means lack of ability. From a growth mindset
however, failure tells the person what he or she still needs to learn. Your mindset influences
whether you will be optimistic or pessimistic. what your goals will be, how hard you will strive to
reach those goals, and how successful you are in college and after