Prospectus and annotated bibliography



A prospectus is a formal proposal for your final argument paper in which you define the proposed topic for your final paper, explain why you chose the

topic, discuss what you expect to find out by researching the topic, and, state your position on the argument.

Directions: Write a prospectus answering the following questions. It should not be longer than one page, double-spaced.

1. What’s your topic?
2. What is the controversy about it?
3. What’s your position on the topic?
4. Why? (Provide your complete thesis statement).
5. Why might people disagree with you? (Provide two reasons)
6. What might be your response to the disagreements?



In addition to a prospectus, you are also required to provide an annotated bibliography for at least two sources. An annotated bibliography may focus

on the following things:

It is about x y z
It is relevant to my topic because it discusses x y z
I will use x y and z from this article

*A sample annotated bibliography is provided for your help.

Gutman, D. (2010, May 1). How I Corrupted America’s Youth: Getting angry letters is no
laughing matter—and the same goes for censorship. School Library Journal.
Retrieved August 27, 2017, from

This article explains how one author felt when he got a letter from a father complaining about his books. This article will help to explain how

different people find different things offensive and how it is ultimately up to the parents to raise their kids. This article is credible because it

was written by an author and was published in a school library journal. I plan to use this to show how different people find different things offensive

and to show the top ten banned books according to Library Association.

Note: The sources and their brief summary may be provided on a separate page, titled Annotated bibliography.


• A cover page stating your name, course title, instructor’s name
• Font: Times New Roman
• Size: 12
• Margins: 1inch (2.54 cm) from all sides
• Everything: Double-spaced